Where is Plozévet ?     

At the extreme end of Europe, in the middle of the Baie d'Audierne between La Pointe du Raz and La Pointe de Penmarc'h.

How to come to Plozévet ?

 - By plane : Quimper Cornouaille airport (20 km)
 - By car : Paris (595 km) – Nantes (260 km) – Rennes (240 km) – Quimper (25 km)
 - By train (TGV from Paris) : Quimper railway station (25 km) 


Plozévet's identity card
Plozévet is a small city of 3,000 inhabitants located on the seaside; it is part of the Community of the Haut Pays Bigouden.

Why is Plozévet so attractive ?

Because of :

• the sea : 7 kms of rocks and sand beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.

• the countryside : still very alive, with its 120 « villages » scattered all over the commune.

• the history : many vestiges are worth visiting : churches, chapels, calvaries, all restored or being restored, such as he parish church dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, or the Trinité chapel, officially classified as a « historical monument ». Also, some vestiges of the way the Plozevetians lived in the old days can still be visited : ovens along the shore where the seaweeds were burnt to produce soda, washing places, bread ovens, etc….

• the cultural life :
 - for more than 20 years, Plozévet, through the Mondial'Folk (a local association), has organized every year in August an international music and dances festival very much appreciated by our summer visitors.
 - Plozévet has been selected by the « Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique »,(CNRS) on a national scale, to receive « Sciences et Citoyens « – a symposium where famous scientists come and debate about various subjects.

In short, swimming, surfing, sailing, walking, sight-seeing, cultural activities ; all that is available in Plozévet.